Au Катание в Austria

Austria: latest snow conditions round-up

Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Austria. Fresh snow is forecast at 5resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 6 are reporting good piste conditions.



H–J K–K L–M N–Q R–R S–S T–Z Best piste conditions (6)

Ski resorts in Austria from G to G

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snow depth
top and bottom
Good piste
Fresh snow depth
last snow
Fresh snow depth
next 9 days
0–3 | 3–6 | 6–9
snow (cm)
Weather Next 5 days weather forecast.
Freezing level (m)
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(890m — 1250m)

Mid station 1070 m
3950m 4050m 3550m 3200m 3050m

(800m — 1550m)

Mid station 1175 m
4000m 4050m 3650m 3300m 3150m

(750m — 1567m)

Mid station 1158 m
3950m 4000m 3300m 2850m 2950m

(1600m — 2300m)

snow report 60 days ago

Galtur-Silvapark webcam
Mid station 1950 m
3900m 3750m 3100m 2900m 2950m

(1423m — 2300m)

snow report 60 days ago

Gargellen webcam
Mid station 1862 m
3850m 3700m 3000m 2800m 2900m

(1000m — 2298m)

Mid station 1649 m
3850m 3700m 3050m 2850m 2900m

(1590m — 2686m)

opens in 178 days
Mid station 2138 m
3900m 3850m 3350m 2950m 2950m

(800m — 1626m)

Mid station 1213 m
4000m 4150m 3650m 3150m 3050m

(504m — 1911m)

Gerlitzen webcam
Mid station 1208 m
3950m 3900m 3450m 3250m 3150m

(1246m — 2499m)

Gerlos webcam
Mid station 1872 m
3950m 3850m 3250m 2850m 2950m

(950m — 2305m)

Mid station 1628 m
3850m 3750m 3150m 2700m 2850m

(620m — 1957m)

Mid station 1288 m
4000m 3900m 3250m 2850m 2900m

(556m — 2143m)

Goldeck webcam
Mid station 1350 m
3900m 3800m 3350m 3050m 3050m

(850m — 1200m)

Mid station 1025 m
3850m 3800m 3350m 3050m 3050m

(1520m — 2085m)

Mid station 1802 m
3850m 3700m 2950m 2750m 2900m

(1449m — 2249m)

Golzentipp webcam
Mid station 1849 m
3850m 3700m 3200m 2850m 3050m

(901m — 1436m)

Gosau-Zwieselalm webcam
Mid station 1168 m
4000m 4050m 3450m 2950m 2950m

(1390m — 1799m)

Mid station 1594 m
4000m 4100m 3600m 3050m 3000m

(1150m — 1870m)

Mid station 1510 m
3900m 3750m 3000m 2700m 2900m

(1000m — 1899m)

Mid station 1450 m
4000m 4000m 3500m 3300m 3100m

(776m — 2046m)

Mid station 1411 m
4000m 4000m 3500m 3000m 2950m

(1100m — 2400m)

Mid station 1750 m
4000m 4050m 3450m 2950m 2950m

(860m — 2033m)

snow report 60 days ago

Grossarl-Dorfgastein webcam
Mid station 1446 m
3950m 3900m 3400m 2950m 2900m

(920m — 2422m)

opens in 158 days
Mid station 1671 m
3900m 3750m 3350m 2900m 3000m

(620m — 1600m)

Grünau im Almtal webcam
Mid station 1110 m
4000m 4050m 3450m 2950m 2950m