Катание в Italy

Фото Cortina от Luigi Arcari

Катание в Italy

Фото Cortina от Luigi Arcari


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Фото Cortina: first track on sci 18 , снятое Luigi Arcari.

first track  on sci 18, Cortina
пользователь: Luigi Arcari (9 photos)
Фото сделано в: 3:37 pm 3 Dec 2010

first track on sci 18

Italy | Cortina

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pure 00 powder and perfect light in a memorable end-of-the-day

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Gabe Bravissima! It's an easy day trip for me to Cortina so I've skied there quite a bit. Not many people may realize it can be tricky to find powder there (cliffs, trees, etc). Not sure where this is exactly, but I'll have fun looking for it!
Paul Berty Great ski shot.