Катание в USA - California

Фото Mammoth Mountain от mattmiller

  • Прогноз погоды в Mammoth Mountain на высоте  m altitude выпущен: 10 pm20 Oct 2017 по местному времени
Катание в USA - California

Фото Mammoth Mountain от mattmiller

UsMammoth Mountain

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Фото Mammoth Mountain: Mammoth Mountain Summit Jan 2005, снятое mattmiller.

Mammoth Mountain Summit Jan 2005
пользователь: mattmiller (6 photos)

Mammoth Mountain Summit Jan 2005

USA - California | Mammoth Mountain

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Taken on the first clear day after nearly 19 feet of snow!

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Viva A. Reese The photographer must be very lucky to get this shot. He should also take some pictures of the village, perhaps he can take these panoramic images for inspiration: http://www.mountainyahoos.com/SkiResorts/MammothMountain.html#SHOPPING
mike COOL SITE, I wish i could have seen a PIC of the betor n after to see just how massive,and totaly awsome snow DUMPEN, that being said, is thst a pine tree covered ???? LAME in KERN RIVER<PEASE
kjg what a beauty. :cry: