World Snow Overview

We've created this page to help you find the best snow conditions. It combines past, present and future data sources from around and updates regularly. The Snow Roundup page is updated on Mondays and Thursdays for all major ski resorts. Live Eyeball snow updates are shown in real time when submitted via twitter by our global network of reporters. Resort Picks lists ski resorts from around the world where new snow is forecast, powder is reported and latest snow depths.


INTRODUCTION As we approach the final weekend in April, skiing opportunities in Europe are becoming increasingly limited, with those searching for good conditions best to aim for glacial resorts and stick to the upper slopes. Even among those French resorts that recorded record breaking snow this season, lower slopes and resort runs have now began to deteriorate substantially. This coming weekend and the early part of next week does have the potential to deliver new snow to the north west Alps, giving resorts such as Zermatt and Cervinia, as well as Tignes / Val d,'Isere potentially a final season top up.

EASTERN EUROPE Skiing has now concluded in our Eastern Europe resorts for the 2017/18 winter. With Nevis Range now closed for the season, the remaining skiing in Scotland is available at Cairngorm (0/20cm) and Glencoe (55/195cm). Unfortunately Cairngorm was closed for the day due to strong crosswinds, but the good news is that winter has breathed over the Scottish mountains again, with both resorts receiving a small amount of fresh snow on their upper slopes overnight. Cloudy conditions and the threat of rain risked harming those slopes on the East Coast which were still aiming for weekend operations into May, alongside Killington (46/61cm), currently spinning a single lift 7 days a week. Conditions in the Rockies were far more favourable, with Loveland (165cm) even seeing 15cm of fresh snowfall on Tuesday 24th April, while Winter Park (198cm) noted a smaller dusting. Coupled with below average seasonal temperatures has kept this snow in relatively good shape. Spring finally arrived in full over Banff, with bright sunny days over Lake Louise (167/252cm) and Sunshine Village (211cm), alongside temperatures moving closer to +10C. There remains exceptionally good coverage across the two resorts however, thanks to a great season as well as the more recent late season snow. Skiing in British Columbia is restricted to the Blackcomb glacier, which continued to offer good skiing under equally enjoyable spring weather. Rain over Hakuba (0/140cm) caused substantial harm to the slopes, with few trains now offering adequate coverage on Thursday 26th April, even on the upper slopes. Niseko (40/330cm) fared somewhat better as both resorts move towards the final week of operations before closing in early May.