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Катание в France

Фото Val d'Isere от phv

Катание в France

Фото Val d'Isere от phv

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Фото Val d'Isere, снятое phv.

Val d'Isere
пользователь: phv (7 photo)

Val d'Isere

France | Val d'Isere

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Charvet off-piste run, february 2004

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petr worthington I found val D'isère a stunning resort and would recommend it to anyone even if your not a skier you will be more than welcome to join in the apre ski and there is a great selection of spas available and lots of fun this to do, if your a skier or snowboarder then Val D'isère is your oyster, snowparks, off piste, more than 100 lifts... And ahile your up here make sure you tune into Radio Val D'isère, on 96.1 or listen online at http://wwww.radiovaldisere.com/
anon why can't we all have such a great view? :shock: :shock:
hendo looks good - really looking forward 2 going there in the easter :lol: :-P :-D :-) 8-) ;-)
TEDDY COR WAIT TO GET THERE,is that a cat a can see, and i mean the meowing type
Calum WOW- Val d'Isere is fab cant wait 2 see it again
PHV Thanks Anon ;-) - definitively one of my best shots ever
this is one hell of a picture that uv taken :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: