Катание в Norway

Фото Voss от rorywatt

Катание в Norway

Фото Voss от rorywatt

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Фото Voss: Voss at New Year (2), снятое rorywatt.

Voss at New Year (2)
пользователь: rorywatt (4 photo)

Voss at New Year (2)

Norway | Voss

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Fireworks over the lake at Voss at New Year 2003/04.

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Donna Louise Lytollis what a beautiful photo i remember something like this when i went sking with school many moons ago more than 15yrs ago i think ??? remember as if it was just yesterday would love to go sking again even though i wasnt that good i kept falling over xxxx
Anonymous i dont believe that this is a self-shot picture, but it's beautiful
gyppo :roll: :lol: :-P :-D :-)