Ir Катание в Iran

Iran: latest snow conditions round-up

Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Iran. Fresh snow is forecast at 0resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 0 are reporting good piste conditions.

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Ski resorts of Iran, alphabetically

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Fresh snow depth
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Fresh snow depth
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(2399m — 2649m)

Mid station 2524 m
4450m 4350m 4450m 4550m 4350m

(2638m — 3558m)

Mid station 3098 m
4500m 4450m 4550m 4500m 4450m

(2649m — 3599m)

Mid station 3124 m
4450m 4450m 4550m 4500m 4400m

(4147m — 5671m)

Mid station 4909 m
4300m 4300m 4450m 4350m 4300m

(2810m — 3231m)

Mid station 3020 m
4950m 4950m 5050m 5150m 5200m

(2915m — 3295m)

Mid station 3105 m
4200m 4300m 4400m 4100m 3950m

(2374m — 2655m)

Mid station 2514 m
4950m 4950m 5100m 5150m 5200m

(2549m — 3049m)

Mid station 2799 m
4500m 4450m 4550m 4500m 4450m

(2594m — 2979m)

Mid station 2786 m
4750m 4750m 4750m 4750m 4700m

(1771m — 3901m)

Mid station 2836 m
4500m 4450m 4550m 4600m 4400m