Lo Катание в Slovakia

Slovakia: latest snow conditions round-up

Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Slovakia. Fresh snow is forecast at 9resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 0 are reporting good piste conditions.



Ski resorts in Slovakia from S to Z

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snow depth
top and bottom
Good piste
Fresh snow depth
last snow
Fresh snow depth
next 9 days
0–3 | 3–6 | 6–9
snow (cm)
Weather Next 5 days weather forecast.
Freezing level (m)
Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed

(802m — 1102m)

opens in 56 days
Mid station 952 m
2850m 2550m 1900m 2100m 1800m

(578m — 849m)

Mid station 714 m
2950m 2600m 2000m 2200m 1750m

(930m — 1222m)

Mid station 1076 m
2850m 2550m 1850m 2150m 1900m

(500m — 590m)

Mid station 545 m
2850m 2500m 1750m 2150m 1950m

(460m — 550m)

Mid station 505 m
2900m 2400m 1600m 2050m 2050m

(1025m — 1285m)

Starý Smokovec webcam
Mid station 1155 m
2700m 2450m 1900m 1350m 900m

(500m — 700m)

Mid station 600 m
2550m 2450m 1950m 1500m 700m

(1400m — 1839m)

Štrbské Pleso webcam
opens in 35 days
Mid station 1620 m
2700m 2500m 1900m 1400m 900m

(967m — 1057m)

Mid station 1012 m
2650m 2450m 1850m 1350m 800m

(700m — 750m)

Mid station 725 m
2850m 2550m 1950m 2150m 1800m

(540m — 640m)

Mid station 590 m
2850m 2550m 1900m 2150m 1900m

(666m — 866m)

Mid station 766 m
2800m 2550m 1950m 2000m 1600m

(888m — 2634m)

Mid station 1761 m
2700m 2450m 1900m 1350m 900m

(980m — 1320m)

Telgárt webcam
Mid station 1150 m
2800m 2550m 2000m 1850m 1350m

(650m — 1385m)

Mid station 1018 m
2850m 2550m 1850m 2050m 1850m

(540m — 633m)

Mid station 586 m
2700m 2450m 1600m 1850m 1750m

(510m — 830m)

Valčianska dolina webcam
Mid station 670 m
2750m 2500m 1650m 1950m 1800m

(630m — 1050m)

Veľká Rača - Oščadnica webcam
Mid station 840 m
2650m 2400m 1600m 1700m 1650m

(560m — 660m)

Veľké Ostré webcam
Mid station 610 m
2700m 2450m 1600m 1900m 1800m

(800m — 980m)

Mid station 890 m
2800m 2500m 2000m 1650m 1250m

(600m — 1709m)

Vratna Dolina webcam
Mid station 1154 m
2700m 2500m 1650m 1800m 1700m

(1000m — 1360m)

Mid station 1180 m
2800m 2550m 1900m 1900m 1500m

(500m — 800m)

Mid station 650 m
2800m 2550m 2050m 1900m 1350m

(650m — 790m)

Mid station 720 m
2600m 2450m 1850m 1350m 800m

(800m — 900m)

Mid station 850 m
2850m 2550m 2050m 2050m 1600m

(820m — 1160m)

Ždiar - Bachledova Dolina webcam
Mid station 990 m
2650m 2450m 1850m 1350m 800m

(810m — 902m)

Mid station 856 m
2700m 2500m 1800m 1500m 1250m

(750m — 907m)

Mid station 828 m
2750m 2550m 1850m 1700m 1450m

(425m — 510m)

Zochova chata - Piesok webcam
Mid station 468 m
2950m 2450m 1600m 2100m 2050m

(730m — 1030m)

Mid station 880 m
2650m 2500m 1750m 1450m 1100m

(753m — 981m)

Mid station 867 m
2650m 2500m 1750m 1450m 1100m