Sz Катание в Switzerland

Switzerland: latest snow conditions round-up

Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Switzerland. Fresh snow is forecast at 0resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 11 are reporting good piste conditions.



S–U V–Z Best piste conditions (11)

Ski resorts in Switzerland from N to R

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snow depth
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Good piste
Fresh snow depth
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Fresh snow depth
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snow (cm)
Weather Next 5 days weather forecast.
Freezing level (m)
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(914m — 2133m)

Nara webcam
Mid station 1524 m
3600m 3400m 3800m 4050m 4050m

(1144m — 2700m)

Mid station 1922 m
3450m 3500m 4050m 4250m 4050m

(1365m — 3331m)

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End Of Season 8 Mar
Mid station 2348 m
3400m 3500m 4100m 4300m 4100m

(1233m — 2001m)

Mid station 1617 m
3300m 3200m 3850m 4150m 4050m

(1026m — 1856m)

Mid station 1441 m
3300m 3100m 3750m 4100m 4050m

(1200m — 2300m)

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Obersaxen - Mundaun - Val Lumnezia webcam
No Info 8 Mar
Mid station 1750 m
3400m 3200m 3750m 4100m 4000m

(1045m — 2627m)

Mid station 1836 m
3250m 3000m 3650m 4100m 4050m

(1568m — 2903m)

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Ovronnaz webcam
No Info 16 Apr
Mid station 2236 m
3350m 3500m 4100m 4300m 4100m

(727m — 2226m)

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Pizol webcam
End Of Season 19 Mar
Mid station 1476 m
3350m 3050m 3650m 4050m 3950m

(1732m — 3005m)

Mid station 2368 m
3550m 3300m 3700m 4050m 4100m

(1558m — 3303m)

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2 May
Mid station 2430 m
3550m 3300m 3700m 4050m 4100m

(1469m — 1737m)

Mid station 1603 m
3250m 3450m 4050m 4300m 4150m

(820m — 1510m)

Mid station 1165 m
3350m 3350m 4000m 4250m 4100m

(929m — 1045m)

Ricken webcam
Mid station 987 m
3200m 3050m 3700m 4050m 4000m

(2264m — 2711m)

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Riederalp - Aletsch webcam
18 Apr
Mid station 2488 m
3500m 3350m 3950m 4200m 4100m

(1219m — 1277m)

Mid station 1248 m
3250m 3300m 4000m 4250m 4100m

(1672m — 2090m)

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Rigi webcam
23 Mar
Mid station 1881 m
3300m 3150m 3800m 4150m 4000m

(1161m — 2322m)

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End Of Season 23 Mar
Mid station 1742 m
3250m 3450m 4100m 4300m 4150m

(1045m — 1800m)

Rossberg Oberwil webcam
Mid station 1422 m
3250m 3150m 3800m 4100m 4050m

(1000m — 2599m)

Mid station 1800 m
3500m 3450m 3950m 4200m 4100m

(1068m — 1544m)

Mid station 1306 m
3250m 3100m 3750m 4100m 4050m

(1219m — 1800m)

Mid station 1510 m
3250m 3300m 3950m 4250m 4100m