Au Катание в Austria

Austria: latest snow conditions round-up

Summary of forecast snowfall and ski conditions for resorts in Austria. Fresh snow is forecast at 0resorts. Powder is reported at 0 resorts and 0 are reporting good piste conditions.



Ski resorts in Austria from A to D

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snow depth
top and bottom
Good piste
Fresh snow depth
last snow
Fresh snow depth
next 9 days
0–3 | 3–6 | 6–9
snow (cm)
Weather Next 5 days weather forecast.
Freezing level (m)
Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon

(950m — 1780m)

Mid station 1365 m
3950m 4250m 3400m 2750m 3050m

(950m — 1780m)

Achenkirch am Achensee webcam
Mid station 1365 m
4050m 4150m 3300m 2800m 3300m

(1127m — 1500m)

Mid station 1314 m
3850m 4250m 3450m 2900m 3000m

(810m — 1810m)

Aflenz webcam
Mid station 1310 m
3850m 4300m 3700m 3000m 3050m

(721m — 1201m)

Mid station 961 m
4050m 4000m 3150m 2950m 3750m

(813m — 2025m)

Alpbachtal webcam
Mid station 1419 m
4050m 4200m 3350m 2850m 3300m

(1000m — 1280m)

Mid station 1140 m
3900m 4300m 3800m 3000m 3050m

(750m — 1750m)

Altaussee webcam
Mid station 1250 m
3900m 4250m 3400m 2750m 3000m

(655m — 1700m)

Mid station 1178 m
4100m 4050m 3150m 2950m 3700m

(800m — 1333m)

Annaberg webcam
Mid station 1066 m
3950m 4250m 3400m 2750m 3050m

(1349m — 1593m)

Mid station 1471 m
3900m 4250m 3850m 3050m 3000m

(680m — 1600m)

Mid station 1140 m
4050m 4300m 3750m 3050m 3150m

(1310m — 1900m)

Mid station 1605 m
4050m 4200m 3400m 2850m 3300m

(1560m — 2340m)

Axamer Lizum webcam
Mid station 1950 m
4050m 4150m 3350m 2900m 3500m

(1080m — 2230m)

Bad Gastein webcam
Mid station 1655 m
4000m 4300m 3500m 2950m 3200m

(840m — 2300m)

Bad Hofgastein webcam
Mid station 1570 m
4000m 4300m 3500m 2900m 3150m

(470m — 1415m)

Mid station 942 m
3950m 4200m 3400m 2700m 3050m

(1001m — 2055m)

opens in 112 days
Mid station 1528 m
4050m 4300m 3700m 3050m 3100m

(1650m — 2200m)

Mid station 1925 m
4050m 4250m 3650m 3050m 3200m

(1019m — 2231m)

Mid station 1625 m
4050m 4200m 3450m 3000m 3550m

(1075m — 1740m)

Berwang-Bichlbach-Rinnen webcam
Mid station 1408 m
4100m 4050m 3250m 2850m 3550m

(1000m — 1800m)

Biberwier webcam
Mid station 1400 m
4100m 4100m 3250m 2850m 3500m

(681m — 1700m)

Mid station 1190 m
4100m 4050m 3200m 2950m 3700m

(1030m — 1201m)

Mid station 1116 m
4050m 4350m 3800m 3100m 3150m

(1037m — 1920m)

Mid station 1478 m
4150m 4100m 3250m 3050m 3800m

(421m — 1064m)

Mid station 742 m
4050m 4000m 3100m 2950m 3750m

(620m — 1957m)

Brixen im Thale webcam
opens in 113 days
Mid station 1288 m
4000m 4200m 3400m 2850m 3250m

(1200m — 2701m)

snow report сегодня

Dachstein Glacier webcam
Mid station 1950 m
3950m 4250m 3450m 2800m 3000m

(1000m — 2301m)

Mid station 1650 m
4150m 4100m 3250m 2950m 3700m

(1311m — 2009m)

Mid station 1660 m
4150m 4050m 3200m 2950m 3700m

(1410m — 2525m)

Mid station 1968 m
4050m 4200m 3600m 3100m 3450m

(850m — 2060m)

Mid station 1455 m
4150m 4050m 3200m 2900m 3700m

(800m — 2000m)

Mid station 1400 m
4000m 4250m 3450m 2800m 3100m

(1367m — 2168m)

Mid station 1768 m
4050m 4300m 3750m 3050m 3150m

(990m — 2100m)

Mid station 1545 m
3900m 4250m 3500m 2850m 2950m

(681m — 1551m)

Dreilaendereck webcam
Mid station 1116 m
4050m 4300m 3750m 3050m 3150m

(800m — 1600m)

Mid station 1200 m
3950m 4250m 3400m 2750m 3050m