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Фото Saint Gervais от Jaradobi

Катание в France

Фото Saint Gervais от Jaradobi

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Фото Saint Gervais: Megeve Sunset, снятое Jaradobi.

Megeve Sunset, Saint Gervais
пользователь: Jaradobi (8 photo)

Megeve Sunset

France | Saint Gervais

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Nikon 35 mm - Kodak Picture CD - Photoshop Megeve France 2003. We skied and rode lifts all afternoon to get to the top at Megeve / St. Gervais. We were rewarded with an amazing late day view of the distant mountains, the fog filled valley below, followed by a spectacular non-stop ski ride back to the base.

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Guest_Anonyme :lol: j ai ma meilleure amie la bah et je la plein
MichaelD what a miserable set of buggers you are - the pic is fine
Bodie Miller pic looks ok -won't win any prizes though?
laser The colors at sunset are muted, pic looks great to me.
reno what film u using, colours a little drab?